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Kingmaker Consultancy Cyber Citizenship
Kingmaker Consultancy develops youth leaders to impact both local and regional communities.

Kingmaker also provides consultancy to educators and youth organisations to implement effective leadership and mentoring structures and to set new cultures.
Kingmaker Consultancy
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» Character & Citizenship
Kingmaker Consultancy
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Kingmaker Consultancy
Kingmaker Programmes

Kingmaker Consultancy Contact Us Scope of Services
1. Skills Development for Leadership Effectiveness:
a. Identifying and using personal strengths (StrengthsFinder and Multiple Intelligence)
b. Profiling value-systems
c. Mastering interpersonal dynamics for small-group interactions
2. Mentoring Youths with Mid-Level Needs
3. Cross Cultural Literacy and Leadership
4. Customised Service Learning Modules
5. Teambuilding for High-Performance Teams
a. Camps to induct youths into a new and cohesive culture
b. Teambuilding for educators & youth workers
c. Strategic planning for holistic youth leadership development

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