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Kingmaker Consultancy Cyber Citizenship
Kingmaker Consultancy trains youths to harness the power of technology to benefit themselves and the community.

Understanding & Evaluating Media
In the digital age, youths embrace media widely but lack experience to make discerning choices at the frontiers. Kingmaker equips young people with the necessary wisdom to analyse and evaluate media.

Kingmaker Consultancy Contact Us Training Framework

Process Focus Programme Approach
Sense Awareness Cyber Wellness Discovery Workshop • Collaborative learning
• Experiential Learning
Think Ownership Cyber Wellness Leadership Challenge • Self-directed Learning
• Research education
• Service learning
Act Advocacy & Leadership

Taking Ownership for Youth Issues
Youths are guided to identify cyber wellness problems in real life and to research these issues. Skillful facilitators apply optimal scaffolding to challenge students.

Effecting Change
Using service learning and applying a socio-emotional learning framework, youths are guided to use their digital skills to transform the environment. The learning cycle is completed when youths take action to serve the community.
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Kingmaker Programmes

Kingmaker customises cyber wellness learning experiences in a variety of settings, including classroom workshops and assembly settings. We employ a variety of approaches to suit the learning ability and preferences of participants, including collaborative learning, storytelling, experiential learning, service learning and journalling.

For who?
• All primary and secondary school students
• Digital natives learn to navigate around risks while maximizing opportunities

Kingmaker Consultancy Contact Us Popular topics covered include
• Online Stranger Danger
• Responsible Expression Against Online Harassment
• Mastering Video Gaming
• Dealing with Sexy Media
• Social Media & Online Privacy
• Virtual consumption
• Upholding & Respecting Copyrights

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Kingmaker Consultancy
Cyber Wellness comes alive when youths use a problem-based approach to identify real issues. They gain ownership & an in-depth understanding of their generations’ issues through research. Kingmaker provides an optimal amount of scaffolding to make this an enriching experience.

Youths are challenged to devise innovative solutions to these problems. They mount media campaigns, develop training workshops & conduct experiential learning to serve the community.

This programme builds upon MOE’s Cyber Wellness Ambassador initiative and achieves a high-level of engagement in self-directed learning.

For who?
• Primary 4 to junior college students
• Training digital advocates to take leadership to meet and overcome cyber wellness challenges of their generation

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Through Kingmaker’s Media Literacy Programme, students gain knowledge of media issues so that they can better sense the risks along with the opportunities. They learn a thinking framework to evaluate the media messages that they encounter.

Youths also learn how to compare news and articles from different sources, analysing and making objective conclusions.

For who?
• Primary 4 to junior college students
• Youths acquire the skills to access, analyse, evaluate and produce communication in a variety of forms

Kingmaker Consultancy Contact Us Contact Kingmaker for a non-obligatory consultation to customize programmes to suit your needs.
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